DATE : 2019

The design team utilised light and space to connect staff and promote collaboration. 

After 20 years in Mount Waverley, 7-Eleven, Starbucks and the Wither’s Family made the move to a new Richmond location. The move saw staff, who were previously between two buildings, come together across five floors. 

The architect utlised natrual light and space to ensure that the staff felt conected. Designing for diversity was important and the result is a snapshot of a small community with its variety of spaces supporting focus, collaboration (formal and informal), individual and team work. The design goes further by including the other components of a community beyond the home i.e. the café and the shop. 

We we’re thrilled to take part in the fitout, using Dulux paints on the ceilings, walls, baulk heads and detailing.


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EnviroScope Maintenance holds specific accreditations to ensure your projects are kept professional while delivering the highest possible quality.

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EnviroScope Maintenance is committed to achieving excellence and quality, while integrating environmental impacts into our painting management for the benefit of our clients.


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