Procoat Systems

Restore not replace

Since EnviroScope Maintenance Pty Ltd was established in 2006, we’ve grown to service prominent commercial, corporate and industrial businesses throughout Australia.

PROCOAT® Systems unique range of spray applied coatings offer a cost-effective, yet long-lasting alternative to replacing aged, stained or mismatched suspended ceilings, specialist wall systems and fixed joinery across a wide range of commercial environments.

To maximise cost savings and minimise disruption, we developed our on site, “in situ” spray method by combining over 30 years of cleaning, masking and coating technologies. Since our products are water based with no odours or VOC’s, our system is ideally suited for occupied space such as retail, schools, healthcare, commercial and community buildings.

The benefits are huge. You can expect 80% savings when compared to the cost of replacement, installed in a fraction of the time, with no disruption to your business.

Trades Monitor & Dulux Accredited

EnviroScope Maintenance holds specific accreditations to ensure your projects are kept professional while delivering the highest possible quality.

Our Vision

EnviroScope Maintenance is committed to achieving excellence and quality, while integrating environmental impacts into our painting management for the benefit of our clients.


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