Pacific Brands Head Office



CLIENT : Pacific Brands

DATE : February 2014

The design team was tasked with the refurbishment of the Pacific Brands Head Office, and more specifically, they were challenged to come up with a fresh and original design for the 5,000sqm space.

The most exciting part of the new design included a decorative ceiling pattern that mimicked a path way throughout the space, creating a cosy, artistic ambiance within the open floor plan.

The implementation of this design proved to be a challenge as the new ceiling comprised of a series of suspended acoustical tiles that the design team wished to be painted a very specific colour. Painting over these tiles risked the integrity of the material and could potentially cause the tiles to stick to the grid.

Prior to speaking with EnviroScope Maintenance, the team’s intended solution was to remove each tile from the grid, paint them individually on the ground, and once dry, rehang each one while making sure all linear angles lined up across the grid . . . a seemingly impossible task.

EnviroScope Maintenance offered the only logical solution to use PROCOAT® Systems ProCoustic – a non-toxic, water-based coating designed primarily to resurface acoustical tile and grid ceilings. No more threat of long laborious hours of removing, painting and rehanging tiles. The ceiling could be coated as is without any risk to the integrity of the tiles. And, with ProCoustic, the tiles were not in danger of sticking to the grid. This meant the services above the ceiling could still be attended to during the process.

Best of all, ProCoustic from PROCOAT Systems can be tinted to any colour, which meant the design team didn’t have to sacrifice their original design.

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