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DATE : MAY 2014

A leading retail bank needed to upgrade an entire building floor to accommodate the relocation of branch staff. To their surprise and frustration, the existing ceiling tiles were no longer manufactured.

Prior to speaking with EnviroScope Maintenance, it was assumed there were only two options available: to live with the existing partly-damaged ceiling or replace it entirely. The client was also given a limited budget to work with, making the first option of ceiling replacement near impossible, taking up valuable time and eating into the rest of their renovation budget. EnviroScope Maintenance offered a third more attractive solution: restoration of the entire ceiling using the PROCOAT® System. This would allow them to meet their constrained budget and provide a new looking ceiling in a shorter period of time.

EnviroScope Maintenance faced two immediate challenges with this project. Firstly, we were on a tight deadline. Secondly, the suspended ceiling was partly damaged and some broken tiles needed to be replaced. Luckily these were replaced beforehand so the EnviroScope Maintenance team could apply a colour coating that would be consistent with the rest of the ceiling.

All deadlines were met and the relocated banking branch is now operational, losing very little time with their relocation and arriving to work with no noxious paint fumes. Along with a completely renovated working space they have a new looking ceiling, which they received at the fraction of the cost of a ceiling replacement. In short, the project was completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption.

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EnviroScope Maintenance holds specific accreditations to ensure your projects are kept professional while delivering the highest possible quality.

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EnviroScope Maintenance is committed to achieving excellence and quality, while integrating environmental impacts into our painting management for the benefit of our clients.


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