Renascent (Head Contractor-CUB)



CLIENT : Renascent

DATE : 2014

A top tier company, with a limited budget, required a new look tiled ceiling without the time and expense of replacing.

This was a great opportunity for EnviroScope Maintenance to make a positive impact in a modern commercial space using the PROCOAT® System.

The ceiling tiles that required replacing were a custom made product, not readily available and expensive to replace. We were put forward from the incumbent architect as a more viable alternative to replacement.

In a conventional fit-out the ceiling is removed and installed after the service works are completed. EnviroScope Maintenance was no different – we slotted into the planning program with no fuss. All marks, no matter how insignificant, were sprayed with PROCOAT to maintain a consistent, professional finish.

A new look ceiling was achieved – as well as an overall rejuvenation of the commercial space. EnviroScope Maintenance saved the client close to 75% off the cost of replacement and achieved a better result by creating an environment with less fumes and toxins with no landfill or wastage. In the clients words “we love it”!


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Trades Monitor & Dulux Accredited

EnviroScope Maintenance holds specific accreditations to ensure your projects are kept professional while delivering the highest possible quality.

Our Vision

EnviroScope Maintenance is committed to achieving excellence and quality, while integrating environmental impacts into our painting management for the benefit of our clients.


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